Our Company

Aqua Capital is a private equity firm investing in innovating, sustainable businesses across the Agribusiness & Food value chain.
We are a thesis-driven team investing in fragmented markets with potential to build significant scale and strategic value.

We pursue themes and investments that are disrupting our sector through technology and innovation, sustainability and globalization.
We look to address transformational dynamics going on in the Ag and Food industry.

Aqua Capital is uniquely positioned to originate and structure best-in-class investment opportunities and to drive value creation through deep strategic and operational involvement.
As a signatory member to the UN PRI we promote high ESG and Positive Impact standards, and seek to contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are fully committed to food security, climate change, diversity, work conditions and others key SDGs, particularly given the magnitude of the impact that food and ag systems have on such critical matters.


Our Values

Slide PARTNERSHIP AND TEAMWORK We thrive in partnerships, believing that complementary skills with a shared philosophy are the way to make companies achieve their maximum potential. Slide Hands-on Involvement We get deeply involved in the strategy, operations and key strategic initiatives of our portfolio companies Slide Being Local And Going Where The Action Is We believe that the best opportunities are in middle-market companies, and that these typically operate away from the big cities. We believe that only by being local we can select the best-in-class companies and take them to the next level. Slide Trasparency And Professionalism We are committed to transparency and professionalism in all our activities, which are the bases on which we develop trust with our partners, investors and team members. Slide Discipline As long-term investors in cyclical markets, we believe that discipline is a cornerstone to investing, managing companies and exiting.

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30 + Investments since
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Number of people
employed by our
portfolio companies

$1.3 bn

Combined portfolio companies
revenues – Brazil´s top 40
ag & food


Portfolio access to
upstreem, downstream and
services in Ag and Food


Portfolio providing access to
Ag and Food tech, innovation
as well as sustainbility


One of the largest private
equity-dedicated Ag and Food
team globally

Investment Strategy

Our goal is to achieve top quartile returns for our investors by building sustainable world-class businesses able to provide high quality and affordable food globally.

Our investment strategy focuses on investment opportunities that benefit from the following themes:

  • Growing demand for essential food, with focus on safety and affordability.
  • Closing the productivity gap vs global best practices.
  • Solving climate change and sustainability challenges inherent in ag and food Innovation.

  • Changing consumer habits driven by health, wellness and convenience.
  • Innovation and disruption of traditional ag and food models.


At Aqua Capital, we employ a repeatable, scalable investment model complemented by a deep operational approach that provides the largest leverage factor to drive performance.

Aqua Capital implements its investment strategy through:.

Buy & Build: acquire unique platforms capable of becoming sector winners and in most cases, execute serial roll-ups. In this strategy,

Growth: invest in high-growth companies led by outstanding entrepreneurs and help them scale their proven business model by leveraging Aqua’s growth and operational capabilities

A Sector Focused Approach

At Aqua Capital we solely invest in Ag and Food.
We have one of the largest, most experienced private equity teams globally focused on this sector. Our team members come from world-class Ag and food global top-tier Firms and are supported by well recognized Operating Partners and Senior Advisors, bringing operational experience and deep industry insight.

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At Aqua Capital we solely invest in Ag and Food. We have one of the largest, most experienced private equity teams globally focused on this sector. Our team members com